Installation view/ detail of The always alreadymade wannabe Museum of Found Refractions (1994-2011) with works by Nick Mangan, Kerrie Poliness, Lizzy Newman, Lane Cormick and Inverted Topology, as part of House me within a Geometric Quality, curated by Patrice Sharkey, Platform, Melbourne 2011
Installation view of works by Masato Takasaka, sculpture by Nick Mangan and paintings by Bryan Spier , NETWORKS ( cells & silos), curated by Gerladine Barlow, Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne 2011
Installation view of Structural Jam; It’s All Lead Guitar When Prog Rock Ruled The Earth, 2007, as part of NETWORKS ( Cells & Silos), curated by Geraldine Barlow, Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne, 2011

Found Refractions, curated by Claire Ulenberg, Sarah Scout, Melbourne 2010

So … so … studio materials (Yes You Kan(t) after Duchamp! … ) 1999 – 2010, as part of Composition, curated by Justin Andrews, Conical Inc., Melbourne 2010

Post-structural Jam, Y3K Gallery, Melbourne 2009
Return To Forever (Productopia) 2009
Cubism and Australian Art, curated by Sue Cramer and Leslie Harding, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne 2009
Untitled (in through the outdoor sign for an abstract painting #3) 2007,Abstraction/ Architecture/ Space curated by Justin Andrews, RMIT Project Space, Melbourne 2007

Smile! Bahaus babushka Sundae boogie woogie ( model for a prog rocK SCULPTURE PARK ) 1999-2007, installation view from the exhibition Structural Jam; i’ts all lead guitar when prog rock ruled the earth, The Narrows, 2007
An Architecture of Hope, curated by Martina Copley, Gallery 101, Melbourne 2004
Indoor Sculpture, Getrude Studios 2002, Gertude Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne 2002
Floor Show, 1st Floor Artists and Writers Space, Melbourne 2002

Productopia 2.0, Value Added Capital, West Space, Melbourne and Gallery 4A, Sydney 2002
Gloss, NADiff Gallery, Tokyo 2002

Productopia, 1st Floor Artists and Writers Space, Melbourne 2001
*Window Shopping, Penthouse & Pavement, Melbourne 2000
Installation view, with paintings by Lisa Radford, Love and other abstract things…, Penthouse & Pavement, Melbourne 2000
untitled, Setting Up, Sutton Gallery, Melbourne 2000
Installation view, Paintings are Ace curated by Clare Firth-Smith, Linden Gallery, Melbourne 2000
10% More Meaning!/ Everything Zen, TCB inc. Art, Melbourne 1999