studies for indoor sculptures 2009
Studies for more indoor sculptures 2009
From the edge of insanity, SNO Contemporary Art Projects, Sydney 2008
Edge of Insanity #1-6, Installalation view, Block Projects, Melbourne 2008
Edge of Insanity #3 (after Tony Macalpine 1987) 2008
More Prog-Rock Drawings from the 5th Dimension, Installation view, USQ Arts Gallery, Toowoomba 2007
so…so…studio 2007
nouveou baroque metal symphony (miami vice version) 2007
let’s get metaphysical 2007nouveou baroque metal symphony (miami vice version) 2007
shut up! we know you can play!2007
Information Superhighway 2007
19 Drawings (abstract plastic), Studio 12, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne, 2002