CHANNEL G @ West Space

Channel G is a collaborative experiment, turning West Space into a temporary television studio, broadcasting live and unscripted TV by an ensemble of friends, associates and relatives. With over 100 participants, Channel G will be streaming live on the web at and also to a dedicated television in the West Space reading room. We officially start broadcasting at midday on June 21 and finish June 29. Broadcast times are roughly midday to late each day.
Ace Wagstaff, Adelle Mills, Akira Akira, Alana Kingston, Alden Epp, Alex Vivian, Alice Mathieu, Anastasia Klose, Andrew Achison, Anita Foard, Annabelle Kingston, Ben Kendall, Benjamin Scott Sheppard, Beth Rose Caird, Brennan Olver, Brooke Williams, Callum Jackson, Charles O’Loughlin, Charly Thorn, Cheralyn Lim, Christina Apostolidis, Christo Crocker, Christopher L G Hill, Corey McCloud, Current Earthly Embodiment and Elder #478, DAMP: Rob Creedon, Narelle Desmond, Sharon Goodwin, Deb Kunda and James Lynch, Dani Hakim, Danny Lacey, Daphne Shum, Darcey Bella Arnold, Eric Demetriou, Estelle Ihász, Gil Knott, Gonzalo Ceballos, Greatest Hits: Gavin Bell, Jarrah de Kuijer and Simon McGlinn, Gregory Joffrey-Core Humble, Guillaume Savy, Hanna Tai, Hannah Raisin, Holly Childs, Jake Anthony Collins, James Barnett, Jaya Fausch and Irma the dog, Jeremy Eaton, Jessie White, Jordan Head, Kalinda Vary, Kat Clarke, Kate Meakin, Kate Robertson, Katherine Botten, Kay Abude, Kelly Fliendner, Kenny Pittock, Kiera Brew Kurec, Kim Brockett, Kiron Robinson, Lauren Bliss, Lisa Radford, Lizzi Parker-Green, Lou Hubbard, Louis Mason, Luke Hand, Made Spencer, Maffew Linde, Maria Ciavarella, Mark Hilton, Masato Takasaka, Max Piantoni, Melanie K. Irwin, Mia Tinkler, Michael Ciavarella, Michael Meneghetti, Michael Pulsford, Military Position, Molly Cook, Nat Ryan, Nathan Gray, Nickk Hertzog, Nicole Breedon, Noriko Nakamura, Olafur & Rubix, Oliver van der Lugt, Oscar Perry, PAMELA: Jon Campbell, Georgina Glanville and Minna Gilligan, Patrick Dagg, Pip Ryan, Rebecca Jensen, Rex Veal, Ross Coulter, Sam George, Sarah CrowEST and Arthur the cat, Sarah Robsinson, Sean Peoples, Simon Zoric, Tai Snaith, Taree McKenzie, Tim Woodward, Tiziana Borghese, Tony Tot, Trevelyan Clay, Tully Moore, Veronica Kent, Waterfall Person, Will Heathcote, Yeok + more

Two Room Exhibition @ Rearview, Melbourne


Two Room Exhibition
Curated by David Homewood

Artists: Dan Bell, Christopher LG Hill, Matt Hinkley, David Homewood, Ash Kilmartin, Kate Meakin, Adelle Mills, Elizabeth Newman, Robert Rooney, Nick Selenitsch, Masato Takasaka, Andrew Truong, Alex Vivian, Simon Zoric


Opening 7 June 7 – 9 pm
8 – 28 June
Rear 244 Smith Street Collingwood

Third/Fourth: Melbourne artist-facilitated Biennial @ Margaret Lawrence Gallery

Masato Takasaka Third/ Fourth VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery 2013




Masato Takasaka and Madeline Kidd, GUITAR FURNITURE PAINTING (2013), Composed of the following: Little Lyon guitar with makeshift suprematist style graphic by Masato Takasaka, France and Sons Moduline Furniture. Photograph by Madeline Kidd.

Exhibition Dates: 31 May – 23 June 2013

Opening celebration: Thursday 30 May 2013, 6-8pm

Artists: Dan Arps, Sean Bailey, Olivia Barrett, Matthew Benjamin, Jon Campbell, Trevelyan Clay, Fiona Connor and Michala Paludan, James Deutsher, DoubleFly, George Egerton Warburton, Endless Lonely Planet, ffiXXed, Alicia Frankovich, Justin K Fuller, Marco Fusinato, Greatest Hits, Ardi Gunawan, Hao Guo, Christopher L G Hill, Matt Hinkley, David Homewood, Matthew Hopkins, Lou Hubbard, Renee Jaeger, Helen Johnson, Kenneth Biennale (curated by Kenny Pittock and Amy May Stuart: Chris Clarke, Christo Crocker, Christina Hayes, Chris L G Hill, Christine Pittock, Christopher Sciuto), Legendary Hearts (Kieran Hegarty and Andrew Cowie), S.T. Lore, Patrick Lundberg, Carrie McGrath, Rob McKenzie, Taree McKenzie, Nick Mangan, Gian Manik, Kate Meakin, Adelle Mills, Tahi Moore, Kate Newby, Elizabeth Newman, Virginia Overell, Sean Peoples, Joshua Petherick, Kain Picken, Lisa Radford and Sam George, Nick Selenitsch, Kate Smith, Studio Masatotectures, Sydney (Esther Edquist), Masato Takasaka and Madeline Kidd , Ben Tankard, Alex Vivian, Nicki Wynnychuk, y3k.

Coordinated by Christopher L G Hill

In continuing projects we find new dimensions, decisions are informed and we move on.

Continuing on from three Melbourne biennials all of which have ignored the fundamental underpinning of a biennial (that it happens every two years) and two of which have also ignored links to institutions and place, the Third/Fourth Melbourne Biennial aims to engage all past Melbourne Biennials and other projects generated either side of them.

The Second/First artist facilitated Biennial focused on an artist-curated model outside of the institution and state, compensating somewhat for Melbourne’s lack of a second biennial, and for the lack of affordable rental space in Melbourne to start dialogues. The Second/Third Biennial stood as a bookend to a two-year artist facilitated project (Y3K) engaged with a local and international conversation, and refined focuses. This upcoming biennial will engage a more amorphous construction: tying up loose ends, reinvestigating and continuing various overlaps, collaborations, conversations and relationships.

Keitai Mizu (Mobile Water)

Mobile Takara-sagashi

Spatial Dialogues and the Boat People Associationas part of SHIBUYA: UNDERGROUND STREAMS, are holding a mobile treasure hunt for art! Keitai Mizu artists are wondering: would you like to join in?

When: June 2-4, 2013

Where: Shibuya, Tokyo


We’ve placed various water-related creatures and objects made by Australian and Japanese artists around the site.

Participants will be given 15 minutes to take camera phone pictures of the sea creatures whose habitat is Tokyo. You must then distinguish between the real and imaginary, local and foreign objects and send ONLY the images of Tokyo-related sea creatures to the Spatial Dialogues Twitter account via camera phone apps like Instagram.


The winner will be the one who correctly guesses the most objects in 15 minutes.

We will also feature a version of the game using Tokyo joao chizu to discover the underground rivers.

Images will then be uploaded to the Spatial Dialogues website.

For more information, or to RSVP, email us at

We’re looking forward to watching your stories and adventures unfold!

Artists include Larissa Hjorth, Ryuta Nakajima, Simon Perry, Kate Rohde, Kate Shaw, Fleur Summers, Masato Takasaka, Toshi Tomita and Yasuko Toyoshima.

Image (9)

‘Group Exhibition: Artwork Documentation’ @ Studio 6, Gertrude Contemporary

Studio 6: Project 3 (forthcoming):

‘Group Exhibition: Artwork Documentation’

Artists: Elizabeth Newman, Virginia Overell, Christopher L G Hill, Masato Takasaka, Dan Bell, Jackson Slattery, Clementine Edwards, Simon Zoric, Oliver van der Lugt, Holly Childs, Hanna Tai, Margaret Goninon, Chloe Stevens, Trevelyan Clay, Ry Haskings, Sanné Mestrom, Sanja Pahoki, Adelle Mills, Giles Fielke, Joshua Petherick, Brennan Olver, Greatest Hits, Jaya Fausch, Luke Holland, Anton Nguyen,  Sean Bailey, Rare Candy, Ash Kilmartin, Christo Crocker, Matthew Linde, Elena Betros, Luke Sands, Lyndell Brown and Charles Green, Patrick Pound, Matt Hinkley, Kieren Seymour, Kate Meakin, Hugh Westland, Lydia Wegner, James Barnett, Eric Demetriou, Nathan Gray, Alex Vivian, Harriet Morgan, Kate Smith, Nick Selenitsch, Chris Sciuto, Andrew Truong, Annie Wu, Liang Luscombe

Curated by David Homewood

10 – 11 May 2013

Opening: Friday 10th May, 6 – 8pm

Exhibition continues : Saturday 11th May, 11:30am – 4:30pm

Studio 6 is an exhibition project initiated by Ash Kilmartin, Gertrude Contemporary studio artist 2012-14


An exhibition over two venues curated by Elizabeth Gower investigating the appropriation of urban detritus as a contemporary art strategy.

Featuring works by:
Lauren Berkowitz, Ryan Foote, Michael Georgetti, Elizabeth Gower, Nathan Gray, Lou Hubbard, Christopher Lg Hill, Matt Hinkley, Melanie Irwin, Ash Keating, Nicholas Mangan, Rowan Mcnaught, John Nixon, Louise Paramor, Simon Pericich, Joshua Petherick, Caroline Phillips, Elvis Richardson, Stuart Ringholt, Ilia Rosli, Julie Shiels, Slow Art Collective, Kate Smith, Charlie Sofo, Masato Takasaka, Alex Vivian


Masato 2Masato 3











Photography by Kay Abude